Serving the Charlotte Area with Experience



Reliance Landscape

Whether you want a new look or just to spruce up your property, Reliance Landscape is here to help. With nearly a decade in the industry, we have the knowledge and experience to handle your landscape needs

Building our reputation one client at a time, we specialize in small residential properties. We work alongside our clients to optimize their property's potential and turn their vision into reality. Reliance Landscape thrives on providing reliable, dependable, and detail driven service. We pride ourselves on excellence. We value our client's time so we do the job right the first time.

Will This Grow In My Yard?

Whether it's grass seed, small plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, herbs, or the start to your vegetable garden we can help! Reliance Landscape has experience in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. We know the various soil types and temperature ranges that affect our little corner of the world and we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help put those factors to work in your favor.

We can come check the soil and light conditions in your yard to help determine what to plant where and when!


Landscaping & Natural Areas

Natural Areas are low maintenance and require little water. Many local landscapes include "natural areas" but visually pleasing natural areas are few and far between. Some appear to be little more than leaf litter and twigs.

At Reliance Landscape we can help bring some life back to your existing natural area by planting a variety of low maintenance plants in several heights to add visual impact. These natural spaces don't have to be brown and drab, they can be quite attractive and still very low maintenance.

Planting Borders & Defining Landscapes

Planted borders help define areas within your landscape. Some obvious examples are driveways and walkways, but going further you can break your yard up into outdoor dining areas, play areas for kids and pets, formal gardens, or just a spot to enjoy that morning cup of coffee and reflect.

Reliance Landscape can help plan and implement a strategy to help you get the most our of your yard. Have you always wanted a water feature? Would an outdoor dining spot fit the bill this summer? We can help make those dreams come true!